Choosing a Monitoring Solution Your Kid’s Android or iPhone

kids using their smartphones around a fountain
kids using their smartphones around a fountain

One of downsides of all of the ways we can communicate using our phones is that it can cause some problems. If you’re a parent handing a smartphone to a child for the first time you know exactly what I’m talking about.

But there is a solution to this problem. Cell phone parental monitoring apps. These apps allow you to keep track of everything that you child is doing on their phone. If you’d like to learn more about phone monitoring solutions.

What Does a Child Protection App Allow You to See?

Some of the most powerful apps out there allow you to see just about everything that happens on the phone. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular features currently available?

The Phone’s Physical Location

gps allows you to track a phones location
gps allows you to track a phones location

One of the most important features in any parental monitoring app is the ability to track a phone’s physical location using it’s built in GPS.

This lets you know within a matter of seconds if your child is where they’re supposed to be.

Most of these apps update every fifteen minutes. So if your child ends up going somewhere they’re not supposed to be then you’ll know as quickly as possible and can contact them.

Social Media Messaging Apps

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Kids very quickly learn that they can say things on their phones that we as parents can’t hear or see.

While this is probably nothing more than fun and games most of the time, there are some instances where it can become dangerous.

Kids don’t necessarily obey all the rules when it comes to communicating with their friends and so they end up doing things they shouldn’t.

Even more dangerous is that it’s possible someone OTHER than their friends could contact them and start talking to them over various social media chat applications.

There are thousands of cases ever year of children being contacted by child molesters or other predators who use these apps to lure children into a “friendship” that is anything but.

If you install a phone monitoring app you’ll be able to keep track of who your child is talking to and shut down and report any inappropriate conversations.

See What Apps They’ve Installed

Another way of keeping tabs on your kids is to monitor what apps they have installed.

A phone monitoring solution will show you every single app on the phone so you can research them and determine whether or not your child should be using them.

Again, certain apps are popular with online predators and you should closely watch out for them to protect your child.

See Who They’re Calling and Texting

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Kids are constantly on their devices. And while they probably almost NEVER actually use their phone to call someone, they do use them for texting.

These apps allow you to see who they text and what they’re saying. You’ll never have to worry about what your child is sending to their friends.

You can view the messages, who sent and received it, as well as any media files or attachments that might’ve been included.

Discretely Control the Camera

Concerned about who your child might be hanging out with when you’re not with them? Now you can discretely take a picture using their phone’s camera and see the phone’s surroundings.

Control the Amount of “Screen Time” Your Child Gets

We can’t be with our kids 24/7 and devices are easy for them to use late at night. With a parental control app you can easily set up times of day when they’re not allowed to use their phone.

Simply setup the schedule and their phone won’t allow access to anything during those times.

Should You Worry About Data Privacy Issues?

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One of the big concerns with phone monitoring solutions is data privacy. Since all of the data of the phone is stored on the network of the monitoring company, this makes these companies a juicy target to hackers.

mSpy is one of the more popular phone monitoring solutions out there and they’ve been hit by hackers on multiple occasions so they could get at all the data that is stored on mSpy’s customer’s phones.

This is a legitimate concern so it makes sense to go with some of the bigger players in the parental app market. These include Norton, NetNanny, and a handful of others.

These companies have the network resources to ensure your data remains safely hidden from hackers.

And hopefully your child’s phone doesn’t have too much personal data on it anyway.

In Conclusion

If you’re looking for a discrete and powerful way to keep tabs on what your child is doing when they’re on their phone, these parental monitoring apps offer a very elegant solution.

They allow you to quickly and easily see everything on your child’s phone so you can sleep well at night.

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